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WORK-PAC Work Order Examples
Different Types of Work Orders to Improve Management of Work Performance


WORK-PAC plans and tracks labor costs and schedule performance at the work order level and summarizes performance by shipyard trades, work centers and work breakdown structures. Below are some examples of different WORK-PAC work orders developed to improve management of work performance.

  • Most commonly used is the discrete work order which identifies work pertaining to a single activity cataloged under the contract's work breakdown structure
  • The distributed work order identifies work that can be bundled together, but represents work across any number of different sections of the contract's work breakdown structure. This allows the shipyard to maximize production efficiency without encumbering workers with difficult time charging instructions. (The system automatically distributes time charges to the correct elements of the contract work breakdown structure)
  • The time phased work order allocates monthly budgets for improving control of level-of-effort support services without complicating time charging procedures

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Software Modules

The bidding and estimating module.  ESTI-MATE is the tool to develop accurate and complete contract cost and pricing proposals.

The materials management module.  MAT-PAC accommodates the special needs of purchasing contract  materials and stock supply.

The automated scheduling module.  PERT-PAC develops integrated engineering, purchasing and production schedules.

The labor and manpower management module.  WORK-PAC is the tool to improve management of work performance.


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