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Welcome to SPAR Associates

Over 40 Years of Providing Planning & Production Management Systems to Shipyards, Boat Yards, and Yacht Builders

Today’s shipbuilding industry has become more global than ever, with competition coming from all points of the compass.  In order to survive, shipyards are quickly recognizing that they must change and improve the way they do business.

Modern shipbuilding is a more complicated process than in the past.  The manufactured product represents an assembly of many expensive parts and components.  Before a ship can be delivered, many people, from designers and engineers to purchasing agents, vendors, suppliers, planners, and tradesmen need to be organized and their efforts properly sequenced. And while new building methods such as modular construction and group technology manufacturing have reduced costs and shortened construction time, they require intensive planning and management controls in order to be successful.

SPAR has been on the cutting edge of the changing shipbuilding industry for over 40 years. Our systems help shipyards coordinate their resources and give management better visibility of problems long before they become critical.  These systems have become easier to use and provide the necessary thread of communications that binds together all departments of the shipyard so that they can perform more productively and profitably.

 In addition to offering our software products, SPAR provides  independent cost estimating as a service to design agents, ship owners and to government agencies.  These estimates have proved to be valuable cross-checks to help ensure that the client better understands the full potential costs of a new acquisition or ship repair/upgrade program.  Estimating also assists in selecting the most cost-efficient design and engineering trade-off alternative, both short term and long term.

SPAR's PERCEPTION® systems are being used for new construction and ship repair, for commercial and naval contracts as well as for plant overhead cost management.

We welcome you to our site, we hope it is a useful tool for current and potential clients.  Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.

Directions to SPAR's home office in Annapolis, Maryland.

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