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PERCEPTION Software Manuals
Specializing in Shipbuilding Production Software Since 1972

The user manuals are in Adobe PDF format.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer click here    to go to the Adobe Site and download their Reader.

The following user manuals are available for your review:


PERCEPTION OverviewPERCEPTION Getting Started Guide  
ESTI-MATE - Cost Estimating ModuleESTI-MATE User Manual
 ESTI-MATE Work Book
 ESTI-MATE Cost Models  - Design & Construction Manual
 ESTI-MATE Cost Models - Commercial Ship Life Cycle & Required Freight Rate (RFR)
 ESTI-MATE Cost Models - Military Ship Life Cycle Cost
 ESTI-MATE Cost Models  - Ship Repair, Maintenance & Modernization User Manual
ESTI-MATE Cost Models - Bulker and Forebody Replacement
ESTI-MATE Cost Models - Manufacturing Industrial Structures
WORK-PAC - Labor Management and EVM Reporting moduleWORK-PAC User Manual
MAT-PAC - Material Control ModuleMAT-PAC User Manual
MAT-PAC Work Book
 PERCEPTION Bar Code Data Collection
 MAT-PAC Tool Room Management
PERT-PAC - Scheduling ModulePERT-PAC - User Manual
Accounting ModulePERCEPTION Accounting Functions
CAD Integration ModuleLinking with CAD Systems

Please contact us if you have any questions about our PERCEPTION software products and services.

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PERCEPTION is a Registered Trademark of SPAR Associates, Inc.  ESTI-MATE, WORK-PAC, PERT-PAC, and MAT-PAC are Trademarks of SPAR.

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