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Cost Estimating Models
Specializing in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Production Software Since 1972

PERCEPTION ESTI-MATE is a powerful database oriented estimating system within which the user can store a wide range of cost data (cost estimating relationships, or CERs) to generate estimates at any level of detail. Typically, these CERs reflect the user’s own cost experience and the way it does business. Options are available to purchase a comprehensive set of generic CERs for either new construction or ship repair or both.

The SPAR Cost Models are pre-developed cost models of specific hull forms and are organized with generic CERs already installed and ready to use. These cost models can be run outside ESTI-MATE or fully integrated within ESTI-MATE.  Other SPAR Cost Models also are available for estimating ship repair, life cycle costs and required freight rates.  Click on the items below to read more about these cost models:

Estimating Non-Recurring Design/Engineering & New Ship Construction...

Estimating Ship Repair, Maintenance & Modernization...

Estimating Commercial Ship Life Cycle Costs & Required Freight Rate (RFR)

Estimating Military Ship Life Cycle Costs (LCC)

        Sample Design & Construction Cost Estimate: 150 Meter  Offshore Patrol Cutter (NEW)

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