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SPAR Services

SPAR Complements its Software With a Variety of Beneficial Support Services

SPAR has a staff of experienced cost estimators who can provide independent cost estimates for new construction and for ship repair and conversions.  These cost estimates can be generated using almost any specified work breakdown structure, and reflect labor and material costs one would expect from the industry.  Costs also can reflect use of new shipbuilding technologies, out-sourced manufacturing options, alternate equipment and material requirements.  SPAR estimates also provide estimates of cost risk. 

Read more about the details for our independent cost estimating services here: Independent Cost Estimating

SPAR's independent cost estimates often are used to compare to other estimates for cost realism. Examples of some Cost Models developed for both advanced ships and more traditional ships can be viewed here:

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SPAR has a staff with experience in shipyard planning and scheduling.  Using our systems, SPAR can produce comprehensive production plans that fully support the anticipated build strategy.  SPAR can develop work orders for hull block construction, group technology manufacturing, and zone outfit.  These plans include schedules for production work orders and for purchasing deliveries. 

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To assist ship owners better manage their construction contracts, SPAR can evaluate progress and provide accurate cost and schedule forecasts.  Using modern analysis techniques, SPAR reports enable customers be fully informed about contract performance.  Problems are highlighted early so that there are no last-minute surprises and delays and cost over-runs. Some of the earned value status graphics reports are described in the following presentation:

Read more about our Earned Value Methods: Tracking Progress & Costs

SPAR can provide expert analysis of shipyard costs that can improve cost estimates by the shipyard.  Using modern statistical analysis methods, the cost data compiles collected detail costs to be more applicable to the estimating process.

SPAR can provide consulting services on a number of areas, including cost estimating, planning and scheduling, manpower requirements forecasting, purchasing, shipyard material control, work orders and time management. SPAR has considerable experience dealing with modern shipbuilding methods, and time and cost savings practices.

SPAR offers its expertise in software design, programming and implementation.  With a wide range of expertise in database design and Windows software, SPAR can provide cost effective solutions that will benefit its customers quickly. 

SPAR does extensive work with its customers, making software modifications to suit their special requirements.  This work includes writing reports, graphics presentations, expanded bar code data collection functions, and interfaces with other software products.

SPAR offers its software maintenance services to ensure our systems continue to provide excellent performance for our customers.  An annual maintenance contract provides customers with semi-annual upgrades of new system features.

SPAR can provide assistance to customers who need to convert information from their legacy systems to new ones.  This often is a necessary process when new systems are first installed and must go on-line without an extended period of time for parallel operation.

SPAR offers a range of training programs that help customers obtain system benefits more quickly.  Training can be customized to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

SPAR can install new systems quickly and for maximum performance.  SPAR can set up application databases, multi-user networks, and systems integration.

SPAR has a long history of successfully interfacing and integrating its software products with others.  PERCEPTION typically links to financial and accounting payroll, general ledger (G/L), accounts payable (A/P) and receivable (A/R) systems.  SPAR also has linked PERCEPTION with a variety of Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) systems to automate the generation of detail bills of material for cost estimating and for purchasing and production control.


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