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Some Easy and Convenient Estimating Functions

Toolbox of flexible and easy-to-use estimating functions:
  • Input of the proposed contract work breakdown structure plus options for a product work breakdown structure that reflects how the contract will be executed by the shipyard
  • Input of specific cost estimate items (labor, material, subcontract and travel expenses)
  • Automated generation of cost estimate items from libraries of shipyard-specific production rates and unit costs
  • Automated generation of cost estimate items from libraries of standardized work packages, each detailed for typical labor and material requirements
  • Automated generation of cost estimate items copied from other contracts available on the database
  • Automated calculations of labor and indirect costs, including overhead, G&A and profit from user-defined rate tables
  • Automated calculations of sales taxes against selected purchased goods and services
  • Automated application of multi-year rate tables to accommodate rate changes on long-term contracts
  • Global modifications to selected ranges of cost estimate data
  • Cost risk and ship weight reporting
  • Estimate reports detailing or summarizing costs by contract work breakdown structure and ship products or production stage as well as by separate work centers, including subcontractors

The system allows a contract to incorporate multiple projects as required for series ship construction and repair programs. If necessary, non-recurring costs, such as design and engineering, can be identified as a separate project under the contract.

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Software Modules

The materials management module.  MAT-PAC accommodates the special needs of purchasing contract  materials and stock supply.

The automated scheduling module.  PERT-PAC develops integrated engineering, purchasing and production schedules.

The labor and manpower management module.  WORK-PAC is the tool to improve management of work performance.


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