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PERCEPTION Shipyard Features
Planning & Production Management Software Systems to Shipyards

The PERCEPTION database is customized to facilitate the use of most modern concepts of ship building technology, including Integrated Hull Outfit Production (“IHOP”).   IHOP is characterized by hull block fabrication and erection that is integrated with zone outfitting to provide precise zone-by-stage control at four basic stages of construction:

1.     On-unit,

2.     On-block and

3.     Onboard outfitting, and a sub stage for

4.     Down hand outfitting on overheads when blocks are upside down.

 The benefits from IHOP include the following:

1.     Reduce outfit time

2.     Minimize outfit onboard, a more expensive stage of construction.

3.     Simplify outfit planning.

4.     Increase efficiency in use of facilities like lifts and cranes

  IHOP results in

1.     Reduced overhead cost

2.     Improved lighting/ventilation for outfit work

3.     Reduce work at high places

4.     Improved safety/working environment.

5.     Higher productivity.

6.     Better quality.

The overriding goal for IHOP is to increase productivity for the entire shipbuilding system.    The underlining principal of IHOP planning is not to make production work harder but smarter.

Special PERCEPTION features support unique requirements of the Shipyards:
  • Plan & control discrete work orders
  • Plan & control level-of-effort support work orders
  • Plan & control work orders distributed across ship systems and/or interim products and stages of construction

  • Multi-trade/craft work orders (lead & support trades)
  • Rework & charges after work order closure controls

  • Premium charge labor cost controls
  • Overhead cost controls
  • Resource & manpower loading and forecasting
  • Progress, summary status & final cost forecast by:
    • work breakdown structure,
    • construction module,
    • ship zone,
    • shipyard trade/craft and
    • work center
  • Library of shipyard production standards for modular construction work sequences to expedite & simplify planning and scheduling
  • Material control for direct purchase, general stock, manufactured parts & subcontractors

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our PERCEPTION software products and services.

Software Modules

The bidding and estimating module.  ESTI-MATE is the tool to develop accurate and complete contract cost and pricing proposals.

The materials management module.  MAT-PAC accommodates the special needs of purchasing contract  materials and stock supply.

The automated scheduling module.  PERT-PAC develops integrated engineering, purchasing and production schedules.

The labor and manpower management module.  WORK-PAC is the tool to improve management of work performance.


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