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SPAR Scuttlebutt - June 2019


SPAR Associates, Inc.

SPAR has been providing shipyard production planning and management control software since 1972.  In addition to its software products, SPAR offers a variety of support services, including custom software design and development; training and software maintenance services; independent cost estimating; supplemental shipyard planning and scheduling services; and management consulting to various interests in the marine industries.

We are always available to address whatever questions that you might have.  Your success is ours.

SPAR Associates, Inc.

927 West Street

Annapolis, MD  21401, USA

Phone: (410) 263-8593

Fax:     (410) 267-0503

E-Mail:          Web Site:


SPAR Publications


SPAR has the following publications available to help shipyards plan and manage their operations:


      “Planning New Construction & Major Ship Conversion”

             (US $75.00)  

      “Shipyard Cost Estimating

 (US $40.00)  

      “Guide for Shipyard Material Control”

 (US $75.00)  

       “Full Implementation of a Shipbuilder’s Earned Value Management System (EVMS)”

 (US $75.00)  

       “Comparing Methods of Measuring Progress, Earned Values & Estimates at Completion (EAC)”


       “Expanded Modularization, Ship Design & Construction” 

               (US $75.00)

       “Estimating Coating Costs for Ships: Simple Methods for Estimating Ship Surface Areas”

 (US $50.00)  


Publications are available in PDF file via electronic mail.

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SPAR Associates, Inc.-

927 West Street-

Annapolis, MD  21401,  USA.


Fax:  (410) 267-0503 

Phone:  (410) 263-8593  


Web Site:




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