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A Generic Ship Repair Cost Estimating Relationships - CERs
Specializing in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Production Software Since 1972

SPAR has compiled an extensive library of ship repair cost estimating relationships (CERs) used for estimating labor and material (purchased) costs which are available for purchase. Additionally, update subscriptions are available to keep these libraries current with today's costs along with new items.  These CERs are based upon a notional (generic) modern mid-size U.S. commercial ship repair facility.     

The cost data was developed from a cross-industry analysis of cost performance data collected from various sources and specially formulated for the generic U.S. commercial.  Productivity factors may be applied to these generic costs to suit expected differences for the expected type of shipyard (whether commercial or combatant builder) and for the relative complexity of the anticipated ship repair work.   

These CERs also are based on a wide range of cost metrics including weight for structural components, kW for powering and electric generation, ship volumes, deck areas, physical hull dimensions, crew size and type breakdowns, etc.   

Material costs can be adjusted for any year from 1985-2020 using a series of commodity-based escalation tables developed from government statistics and other industry sources. 

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SPAR employs a professional staff experienced in management information systems, on-line data processing and cost analysis.  PERCEPTION software, the foundation for our innovative, cost-effective project management systems, is used successfully in many companies throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our PERCEPTION software products and services.

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