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A Earned Value Management with PERCEPTION

Specializing in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Production Software Since 1972

There is general agreement among shipbuilders that intelligent control over basic resources (engineering, manpower, material, facilities and time) will result in improved ship construction costs.  

The task of estimating costs, planning and scheduling men and materials and then controlling these resources to maximize production output, while minimizing costs, can be a very difficult job.  These efforts become more complex with the increase in the size of the shipyard organization and the scope of the yard operations.  Modern-day shipbuilding poses no mean management challenge.  

Without having work progress visibility, management must operate blindly.  Cause and effect relationships become blurred in the midst of daily shipyard production problems and drain away the capacity to direct production effectively and economically.  Knowing precisely, and in a timely manner, the exact status of men and material, a responsible management can rectify problems quickly before they become critical.  Logical priorities can then be assigned to solving various impacted areas of production and ideally new techniques can be developed, simulated and evaluated to improve current yard production methods.  

Earned value management is a methodology that allows the shipbuilder to have visibility into technical, cost, and schedule progress on their contracts.  The implementation of an earned value management system is a recognized function of cost estimating, planning and scheduling, and the follow-through of program management.  It ensures that cost, schedule and technical aspects of the contract are truly integrated.  

The earned value system described here is SPAR’s PERCEPTION system that has been designed specifically for shipyards and for the large part by shipyards.  PERCEPTION is oriented around the unique business processes of the shipbuilding and the ship repair industry and adjusts easily for large and small shipyards doing either commercial and/or military work.  

Click here for a presentation of the PERCEPTION Earned Value Management System.

Click here for samples of reports tracking earned value performance.

SPAR employs a professional staff experienced in management information systems, on-line data processing and systems analysis.  PERCEPTION software, the foundation for our innovative, cost-effective project management systems, is used successfully in many companies throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Click here for a comparison of methods for measuring progress, earned values, and estimates at completions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our PERCEPTION software products and services.

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